Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RTM?

RTM stands for Ready To Move. This refers to houses that are constructed on a builder's site and then moved to your Laurel Green lot when completed. This term should not be confused with mobile or modular homes. Typically, our RTM’s are fully finished and delivered in one piece, and once on the foundation, the home requires very little to complete.

How are RTMs financed?

Financing RTMS are not as simple of a process as getting a mortgage on a standing home. That's why Laurel Green has a partnership with several lenders to provide a seamless financing solution for your lot and RTM home. We can provide contact information to anyone needing financing. 

What other costs are associated with a RTM?

You will need to budget in for:

  • foundation/crawl space/basement (approx. $30,000-$50,000)
  • moving the house on-site (approx. $15,000)
  • Depending on the company you use,  mechanical items and hook ups may be included or separate. 

Are these RTM Models the only ones you can have at Laurel Green?

No there are plenty of other floorplans available with AVID Enterprises. Alternatively you are free to build on site or explore other floor plans with other RTM companies. 

Are there building restrictions at Laurel Green?

Yes and no. There are no set plans or home styles that are mandatory, however you do need to submit your building plans to the condo board for approval. 

Are there fees to live in the development?

Laurel Green Estates is a bare land condo development. This means lots are titled but are apart of the general condo development. Condo fees are $100/monthly and cover things like grounds maintenance, sewer system, etc. 

Who is AVID Enterprises Inc?

Avid Enterprises is a Saskatoon home builder specializing in RTM homes and cottages and is owned and operated by Alan and Shelly Cherry. They pride themselves on building houses and cottages with outstanding quality and attention to detail. The owners are in the builds every day and working directly with each customer to ensure that every house is exactly what the customer wants. All of their houses and cottages are built with the same sub-trades to ensure the quality is consistent in each and every build.